Best Moments of Musculoskeletal Anatomy

12 Nov

We just started a really dissection-heavy sequence and it feels like we’ve been living in the lab lately (mentally and physically)… Unfortunately, that makes me smell like chemicals all the time, but on the bright side, it also makes for good blog material. So here are the best moments of musculoskeletal anatomy in the past two weeks. And, of course, I’ll post the worst moments later this week.

The Best:

– Getting to say the word “Sartorius” in every day life. Not going to lie, every time I say it in my head I can’t help but hear Biggie Smalls… anyone else?
– The brachial plexus! Definitely my favorite thing to dissect so far. It was so satisfying to put all this time into learning all of the different branches and components and then get into lab and actually be able to find a network of nerves that looks exactly like it does in the atlas.

– Being able to determine which forearm muscles are which by pulling on them and watching to see which finger moves. Creepy, but kind of awesome.
– Uncovering the superficial palmar arterial arch. Another intricate mess of vessels that looked exactly like it’s supposed to… I don’t know why I enjoy that so much, but I do.
– Tendons are really shiny and pretty. Which can be distracting for those of us with the attention spans of kittens, but it’s still a plus to have something nice to look at, amid the many nasty things in lab.

– This gem, unveiled by one of my classmates recently. (Thanks, MT!) I will never forget the name of this muscle now.


3 Responses to “Best Moments of Musculoskeletal Anatomy”


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