Worst Moments of MSK Anatomy

14 Nov

As promised, here’s the follow up to the Best Moments of Musculoskeletal Anatomy, with the far more interesting “worst moments” from the lab in the past couple weeks:

The Worst:

– When you think you finally found a nerve that you’ve been trying to dig out for ten minutes  and then realize it’s just more fascia.

– When you actually do find a nerve that you’ve been trying to dig out for ten minutes… and then in your excitement, you accidentally rip it in half when trying to show your lab partners.

– Skinning fingers. This is just so weird… I couldn’t even do it, actually. But some of my fearless partners did and, let me tell you, that is really hard to watch. It’s like you can feel everything in your own hands the whole time.

– When you get into the groove while skinning with your partners, let your mind wander, then realize that you almost just stabbed one of them with your scalpel.

– When you keep trying to say the word “scalpel”, but all that will come out is “scapula.” (That one’s for you, RB!)

– Having to flip the cadaver over multiple times in one lab. It’s just a big, complicated mess and some limb always gets stuck in an orifice that shouldn’t technically even exist.

– When you have to break bones with your bare hands to get down into the deep layers. Thumb… clavicle… don’t even want to know what’s next.

Wow, reading this list back over reinforces my previous suspicion that I may not be physically coordinated enough to be allowed to dissect in anatomy lab anymore… To my lab partners, fellow learners-by-Ari, you are the best. High five, we’re halfway done with MSK!


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